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Hi I'm Devon and I've created this system because I was a victim of the Child Support System! My Child's mother put me on child support when I had a good job and income. Child support base your payments on the amount of money you make. The more money you make the more child support takes out of your check. When the recession hit I was laid off my job and I have been unemployed for about 3 years now. Child support system still forced me to pay the same amount of money even though I lost my job.

I tried filing the papers myself but there was always forms missing or some step that I left out then I would have to re file all over again.. I had to pay for the packets which were like $25-$50 each then I had to figure out which papers in the packet I needed to use.. this really stressed me out and I really didn't get anywhere. Child support took my income tax check and Eventually suspended my license. I felt doomed.

Finally I came across some cash doing some side work under the table and I paid for a well known South Florida Child Support Lawyer to work my child support case and It cost me $2,500 he got my payments all the way down to an amount I can afford, but all the lawyer did was file the paper work for me.. and that's when the Idea hit me to document and make notes of everything the lawyer did and put it into an easy to understand format that us men can read and understand. I wrote this content in plain english so that anyone can understand it you don't need to be a legal assistant or lawyer to understand this child support modification guide. The guide is only 3 steps and 2 and a half pages! BUY NOW

You cant afford to make your high payments and you most definitely cant afford a high priced Florida Child Support Lawyer.. The info in this download is Exclusive to Florida Child Support Cases's and you will not find an easier way of doing a child support modification yourself. File your documents in one day! You need to Get your done modification Fast so you can enjoy life again DONT WAIT!

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The Dade County Child Support office really does not help Fathers at all.The people who work in the Child support office on Biscayne Blvd are rude and ghetto some of them look like they are on drugs the only thing they know to say is that you are obligated to make the payments and when you ask them a question they are quick to tell you that they are not your lawyer and they cant help you.. they will give you a little flier and send you down the street to the self help center which is the court house and the people there will send you back and forth and they even filed my papers wrong a couple times...not to mention the wait time to speak with someone is 4hours or more. I used this guide and it helped me a lot because I didn't get sent back and forth from floor to floor and window to window that I just went to the Dade County courthouse and handled my business in one day, the people in the court house were mad because they didn't get a chance to send me back home disappointed.I got a hearing date and I now pay only $25 per month for my child support and before I was paying $650 I recommend this guide!

Jeered Robertson
My child support case is in Ft, Lauderdale and the people in that office do not help fathers at all they are ignorant against men and the people who work there don't know what they are doing every time I go there and ask a question I always need to speak to a supervisor and the super visor always has a different response than the person at the window. I even tried Calling florida child support number but you cant even get through the line it always says the agents are busy call back latter...This guide gave me an advantage and It saved me so much time because I no longer had to rely on trusting the courts or the child support office to properly file my papers so that I can see a judge to lower my child support payments. The Florida Child Support System is very bad and someone needs to look at the way they operate and do business a lot of dads are getting "duked" because of this! I've even had people that work there tell me that the system sucks.. But this guide is good for Fathers in Florida wanting to lower there child support payments I recommend it!

South Beach Mike

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This is what you get in the State of Florida Child support modification Download!

Child support agency's are destroying the lives of fathers every day!

What Every Father Should Know About Child Support Modification.

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The Florida Department of Child support is the most corrupt unfair system I've ever seen. The Child Support phone number does not work the only way you can get help with your child support case without hiring a high priced State of Florida Child Support Lawyer is to use this guiede.The child support modification Guide puts everything in order so that you can just go down the list as you do the steps you cant go wrong this way. I advise you to download this guide because its so easy to use and its Dedicated to Florida Child Support Cases. Buy it Buy it But it!

Larry Jackson

Getting your child support modified in Florida is a confusing task if you rely on what the courts and the state attorneys office tell you ..they will alter your success by sending you back and forth from courthouse to child support office in hopes of you giving up on doing a modification. this Guide is Great and I recommend it all day! The child Support number that they have you to call gets on my freaking nerves because none ever answers the phone I'm glad I got this guide because now I don't have to waist so much time its an easy to follow gude with all the forms included this is a great Child Support modification guide!

Alex Ramsey



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P.S.This child support modification information is intended to help fathers or mothers in Florida decrease there child support when you are not able to make the high payments. The procedure to decrease child support in other states are similar but the filing procedure and forms will differ! If you need help filing your modification forms in another state please email me and I might be able to help you get the info you need lower your child support payments today! Thanks

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